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Full-Belly Tradition
Doug’s Diner Concept of casual dining has created a brand identity unique to the region, yet recognizable to patrons outside the area, making the Doug’s Diner brand known for consistency, quality and quantity. Our signature dishes are made fresh and served by the finest employees.

Working for Doug’s Diner
The staff at Doug’s Diner is dedicated to making our customers feel like they are family. Our management is focused on customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Customers recognize this effort and will return. Regulars at Doug’s Diner are not hard to find.

Doug’s Diner Culture
Doug’s Diner is a local favorite with great meals being served daily. Our signature dishes have been around since the doors were opened in 2010. Our reviews speak volumes about the staff, service and the food. Our diverse staff and their wonderful personalities create an atmosphere of family. We are proud to serve our customers each and every day.


What is the next step in becoming a Doug’s Diner owner?

Complete the contact form below, if you meet the requirements, you will be contacted via email to begin the application process.

What are the benefits of owning a Doug’s Diner concept, rather than opening my own concept?

There are many benefits to ownership of a Doug’s Diner. When you license you pay for the brand name and proven concept of over 10 years. We have spent years mastering our processes for everything from overall operations to training. We also will share with new owners, our insight on what has made Doug’s Diner successful throughout the development process. Brand recognition and a support system from the corporate offices will contribute to the value of ownership.

Can I develop a territory anywhere I want?

No, at this time we are looking for owners to develop territory that will recognize the Name as well as appreciate the regional cuisine on our menu. Colorado is the region we are dedicating to experienced owners. If you choose to develop this area, we would discuss our development plans and goals with you. If we both agree with them, we will give you the first right of refusal, meaning if someone calls interested in the planned development, we would discuss it with you first to ensure that any new development would not interfere with your plans.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we will train you in an existing Doug’s Diner restaurant, so that you can get real experience from real situations as you are learning the Doug’s Diner processes. You will receive a manager training manual to review and you will work each position. We will not charge you for the training, however you will be responsible for your own travel and living arrangements during the training period. Doug’s Diner will have someone with training experience visit your restaurant for two weeks to help guide you through your opening.

Can I add to the menu for local tastes and food?

Our trademarked dishes are already a proven local favorite for the chosen region and need to remain on the menu, however, you are free to add dishes that you feel are beneficial to your market. Menu design and specials can be changed as you wish.

Are there any requirements regarding vendors, décor , etc.?

As a licensee you are not required to use specific vendors for your products or use a specific POS system. A particular décor is not mandated, however it is recommended that you consider a theme that our customers will recognize as the Doug’s Diner brand and menu. We would be happy to provide you with contact information for our vendors, but it will be your choice to use them. As long as you maintain the product quality that our customers have come to expect and operate within our minimum operating standards. As a licensee, you will receive the Operations Guide.

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